Monday 17 October 2011

Training is the key

Imagine being stuck in a empty room with only a few toys and the view outside to keep you entertained. Unfortunately, this is the reality for the animals who are awaiting adoption at the RSPCA Shelter. And although we have volunteers who spend time with our animals, until we can increase our numbers ten-fold, many will still spend most of their day quite bored.

Luckily though, last Friday, saw students from the Youth Off The Streets Chapel School made their way to the Sydney Shelter. RSPCA Education Team members, Claire and Tanya, ran a Shelter Tour and taught the students how to use positive reinforcement training with several Shelter dogs.

Many people may not realise the importance of training as it not only to teaches good doggy manners but it is also a crucial tool in keeping our pets mentally stimulated - in other words, prevent them from becoming bored!

Jeanie, a Catlle cross and Bow, Husky cross Malamute, were fantastic participants and were able to sit, drop and shake by the end of the session.

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