Wednesday 26 October 2011

A little cute...a lot of cuddly...and somewhat spikey!

Only spikey in his name, Spike the 8 year old Terrier cross, set hearts a flutter at a Retirement Village today.

RSPCA NSW Education Team members, Stef and Eva, were making a second visit to the Village and Spike was the chosen one to bring much wanted animal interaction to the folks. Stef had spoken with the group about RSPCA and what the organisation does and that inital visit gave us an opportunity to decide what type of dog would be most suitable in that particular environment - a very calm and unexcitable dog. We knew Spike would fit this brief!

Many residents were curious as to why Spike was yet to be adopted and unfortunately it may be due to the fact that he is partially deaf. This may seem like an overwhelming responsibilty for a new pet owner but Spike is a very relaxed and sweet-natured dog and the main difference in our interactions with him would be replacing words with gestures!

Joan said she fell in love with Spike, aww!

Just chillaxing with the folks

Come meet him in person at our Sydney Shelter!
Click here for more information about Spike


  1. I adopted Spike about a month ago and there has not been a day go by without someone commenting on how handsome he is and what type of breed. Our other old dog Cindy is very grateful for her new playmate. Especially now he has his coat clipped short for summer. He is a treasure and we are honoured to be his new family. We do feel guilty about taking him from his socialising with the RSPCA.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      That's great to hear! I met Spike at the shelter in early December and he was super cute! I thought about adopting him but unfortunately I work in a very demanding job and there's just no way of doing so with giving him the care and attention he deserves!

      Here's a video our company took of him when we visited:

      Say hello to Spike for me :)