Thursday 20 October 2011

Wise words in the West

Yesterday saw over 400 students head home after school, quietly pondering the words of animal welfare wisdom as shared by Education Officer, Eva.

The RSPCA Education Team was invited to the primary school to deliver two of our Education programs: 'Responsible Pet Ownership' and 'RSPCA in the Community' and it left many audience members wanting more, asking numerous questions sparked by a genuine curiousity. One student began to to think that perhaps a dog was not the perfect pet for him, but a guinea pig without the need for a daily walk may be the match for him.

If only time would stand still for a minute and then everyone's pet queries could be answered! But never fear, the RSPCA Education is always here! If you ever need to satisfy your own curiousity, feel free to shoot us an email at and with our amazingly diverse Team, we're sure to find the answer.
Tell me more, tell me more!

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