Wednesday 26 October 2011

Excel Excelsiors!

Onwards and upwards to all the students at Excelsior Public School in Castle Hill for their fundraising efforts!

Education Officer, Eva, was overwhelmed by the iniative and creativity of the students today when she learnt that they organised several fundraising events to be held over a week, all in the name of supporting RSPCA NSW. And don't think there was any influence from the teachers - everything is being organised, planned and implemented by the students! Eva was given a talking spot during the school assembly and used the opportunity to let students know how the money they raise will help all the animals at RSPCA.

Just some of the fantastic events they've run already include...
  • Cake Stall
  • Dress-up as an animal Day
  • Plush Animal Toy Day
  • Face Painting

Which one is real?

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