Thursday, 29 September 2011

Halfway there!

Yesterday saw the halfway point for the RSPCA NSW Education School Holiday Program with the Secondary School Program coming to a close.

The Team were brimming with excitement as they took 11 teenagers under their wings and through the normally "closed to the public" doors of the Sydney Shelter. There were to be many "ooh's" and "aah's" as each of the two groups were shown what it means to be part of the RSPCA and refuge for the many unwanted animals, eagerly awaiting their forever family.

Some feedback from the Program so far...

"It was great to see a real workplace and environment firsthand and see what it means to be at the RSPCA"

"I loved being able to interact with the animals because I don't have any pets at the moment"

Several shelter dogs were chosen to leave behind their daily routine and experience some one-on-one training with the groups. The groups were privilege to some positive training tips from none other than Tanya, our resident Pet Behavioural Trainer and author of "Tanya's Training Tips". The training may result in better doggy 'manners' from the Shelter dogs, which in turn improves their chances of being adopted.

Ellie, a kelpie cross, did not let down her breed and mastered
sit, drop and rollover in a matter of minutes!

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