Monday 19 September 2011

To be or not to be...a dog owner, that is the question!

The dog owners of rural and regional NSW would know how much dogs love their wide open spaces! In Sydney Metropolitan areas however, many families now live in apartments and townhouses and with living spaces shrinking it means that many people forego the joys of owning a pet. The RSPCA Education Team visit hundreds of schools and community groups across the state and it seems that they too are witnessing this trend of lower pet ownership amongst those who live in the suburbs and closer to the city.
This needn’t be! Anytime one considers what pet is the most suitable, there are particular breeds of dogs who may be more suitable and would enjoy, even thrive in smaller homes. Think small in size and low on energy levels and you’re on the right track!
Also remember our feline friends love to spend much of their day lounging around so they too may also be the perfect apartment companion!
Check out our RSPCA “Guide to apartment living for you and your dog” for more information.
And don't forget, if you're ever missing an affectionate lick or friendly tail wag, you can always come and visit the many animals waiting for adoption at our RSPCA Shelters.

All dogs, whether they are apartment dwellers or living it up on a farmstead,
need at least a daily, if not twice daily, walk. 

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