Monday, 3 September 2012

Your W.I.S.H come true...

RSPCA NSW love making ‘wishes’ come true and quite a few were granted a fortnight ago in Wooloomooloo.
Education Officers, Zoe and Eva, brought along their ‘wishing wands’ in the form of dog coats, cat and dog food as well as flea and worm prevention to the monthly W.I.S.H (Wooloomooloo Integrated Services Hub). In collaboration with RSPCA NSW’s ‘Living Ruff’ Program, the Education Team provided much needed advice and goods to individuals who were experiencing homelessness and were finding it difficult to properly meet the needs of their pets.
Zoe and Eva met some wonderful people who were going through some tough times and from the stories they heard were obviously owners of much loved pets and companions.
The goods that were most needed included the basics like pet food and preventative care treatment and it is thanks to the wonderful supporters of RSPCA NSW that we can provide these to those who need it most at no cost to them.
If you would like to help RSPCA NSW help the homeless and their animals, feel free to donate pet care items or contact the ‘Living Ruff’ Team for more information.
I'd love a jacket, in extra small please!


  1. How would I donate pet care items to RSPCA? Can you please direct me


  2. Hi, I was just wondering how I would donate pet care items?


  3. Hi ARF,

    That is fantastic to hear that you would like to help us with our 'Living Ruff' Initiative!

    If you could email the 'Living Ruff' Team at:

    They can assist you with how to donate goods and which ones are the most needed for the Program.

    Thanks again!

    Education Team.