Tuesday, 11 September 2012

RSPCA NSW’s Baker of the Year goes to...

Gillian Bushby!
Okay, so it’s not an official award but we’re sure RSPCA NSW cannot deny that Gill continues to outshine all others each year with her amazing cupcake masterpieces!
Gill is one of our 32 RSPCA Inspectors and it looks like when she’s not on the road rescuing and assisting animals in need, she’s busily baking and making cupcakes that are so awesome that we dare not eat them but merely admire from afar!
The talented Inspector is a great example of how there is more than one way of helping animals! During the day she responds to concerns from the local community regarding incidents of animal cruelty and turns hero when rescuing animals stuck in sticky situations. Yet at night she is purchasing cage free eggs and baking into the late night hours to produce wonderful cupcakes to help fundraise some of the $39,000,000 needed by the RSPCA NSW each year.
Think you’ve got some cupcake creations to rival Gill’s? Bring it on!
We’d love to see how everyone went during our most recent Cupcake Day Fundraiser, so drop us a line at: education@rspcansw.org.au
Sugar bones!


Naughty fondant puppy!

Gill. You. Are. Awesome.

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