Thursday 13 September 2012

Why oh why...asks Whalan

 Nothing makes the RSPCA NSW Education Team happier than when we’re faced with the big animal welfare questions and students from Whalan Public School were definitely up on theirs!
Education Officer, Eva, was invited to the School as part of Stage 3’s unit on Global Communities, where each class set out to investigate a global issue. Bonus points to one class for making the brave decision to delve deeper into the world of animal cruelty. It quickly became apparent that this particular class had done their research with small groups within the class focusing on a specific topic such as animal for entertainment or domestic animals. Thanks to their teacher, Lisa, for inspiring the next generation of animal cruelty investigators having previously discussed intensive farming systems with the students, a topic many adults have little or no knowledge of.
More bonus points to Mathew Constable for facilitating what can only be deemed as the perfect Cupcake Day fundraiser where careful consideration was given to every step of the process. Baking with cage free eggs and organic flour to produce ‘blank canvas’ cupcakes for students to decorate which were then sold to eager students who were part of a thought-provoking RSPCA NSW Education talk!
Our biggest thanks to each and every class we met at Whalan Public School for going on a journey into what RSPCA does and contemplating the same animal welfare issues that we do on a daily basis.


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