Friday, 21 September 2012

Better homes, gardens and animal welfare

If we were to let you know that RSPCA NSW Education had a stall at the recent ‘Better Homes and Garden’ Expo, then we bet you would expect to find us in the ‘Garden and Pets’ section. Time to be pleasantly suprised because our attendance this time was focused on the plight of our hens and their eggs, which placed us right in amongst the hustle and bustle of the ‘Cooking’ section.
Many animal welfare supporters are unaware that a major way RSPCA helps animals is by getting the public thinking about animals across society and beyond just our pets. How do we do this? Campaigns!
One that everyone and anyone can have a massively positive impact on is with the outcome our layer hens.
When consumers purchase cage eggs, they are inadvertently saying that it’s okay for hens to live in a cage with an area less than an A4 piece of paper, be unable to exhibit natural behaviours such as nesting, dust bathing or even stretch their wings.
When consumers purchase barn-laid, free range or cage-free eggs, they are affording hens an opportunity to roam around, do all the things that hens love to do and socialise!
To become an informed consumer, click here for the full story.
Argh, it's a giant chook!

The Education Team let their Manager, Mark Jeffrey, out
of his cage/office for the day - keep up the educating Mark!

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