Friday 7 September 2012

Open the till for Beaumont Hill!

What a great way to involve the whole community, with Beaumont Hills Long Day Preschool actively engaging local businesses, the local paper, local families and ofcourse RSPCA NSW Education in their first ever Cupcake Day Fundraiser!
From the start to finish of the cupcake creating process, Beaumont Hills had the help and support of the local community.
To purchase their ingredients, they requested and successfully gained a donation from their local supermarket.
To bake and make the cupcakes, the staff got their hands nice and floury.
To decorate the cupcakes, the children aproned up and manned the decorating station.
To buy the cupcakes, parents happily paid above and beyond the market value for their child’s lovely creation.
To publicise the event, the local paper was invited to take some happy snaps.
To educate on all things animal welfare, RSPCA NSW Education Officer, Eva, discussed the importance of responsible pet ownership with Rusty by her side.
Thanks to Albina, Sam and all the staff, kids and parents at Beaumont Hills Long Day Preschool for an awesome effort and we hope you guys can outdo yourselves next time!
Creation Station!

Mmm...sugary goodness!

Thanks Sam and Albina for a wonderful
Cupcake Day Event!

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