Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Oh so sweet learning in a pot!

It wasn’t grizzly bears who were attracted to this honey pot, but Education Officer, Eva, who was drawn to Honeypot Preschool in Cranebrook.
Things couldn’t get any sweeter as Eva had the assistance of wonderfully supportive staff. Especially when it comes to early childhood kids, the presence of a nurturing environment where discussion is encouraged ensures that new knowledge will stick. Sure it’s great when RSPCA NSW Education swoops in with their ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ Program, props prepared, Rusty raring to go but without further opportunities for the children to utilise their knowledge, who knows what might disappear over time...
If you think you’ve got just the right environment for one of our RSPCA NSW Education Programs, then you know the drill – get in contact with us! Call us on 9782 4460 or email us at
"Hmm, what did Eva say about toys again?!"

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