Monday, 10 September 2012

Before and after Cupcake Day

Leading up to any Cupcake Day Fundraiser is countless hours of preparation, planning and publicity but luckily for Rusty, the RSPCA NSW Education Team mascot, he gets to skip that part and go straight to the taste testing!
You’d think after a week of visits and ‘taste tests’ he’d finally have enough but don’t underestimate the appetite of a toy dog! Next in Rustys’ educating and eating journey came Pennant Hills Before and After School Care, with a tower of cupcakes and close to 100 kids to educate.
Split into two groups, Education Officer, Eva, made sure Rusty did he’s share of educating before indulging in his cupcake cravings with a ‘Dog Safety’ talk with the younger kids, followed by a ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ talk with the older kids.
Thanks to Danielle, the staff, kids and parents for pitching in and holding a super-successful Cupcake Day Fundraiser! Rusty’s still dreaming of just one more cupcake...
Lucky last one Rusty!
...or is it?

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