Thursday, 20 September 2012

Fancy seeing you again!

It’s lovely to visit groups on an annual basis to get that extra chance to deliver our Education Programs to an ever-maturing audience.
The spotlight this time is on Narwee Preschool Kindergarten, who invite the Education Team each year and put a lot of effort into their fundraising efforts with an awesome donation each time!
Education Officer, Eva, has a particularly soft spot for this Centre as she has had witnessed the growth of the participants as well as experienced the continued support of the staff in ensuring that the children fully understand the RSPCA ‘Dog Safety’ Program.
As the Program requires a minimum age of 3 years, for those who may have been too young they get a chance to be part of the program the following year and those who have been a part of the Program get a chance to further develop their understanding of knowledge that even many adults are unaware of.
Thanks Sylvia for helping all the children at the Centre become ‘Dog Safety’ experts and we look forward to visiting again next year!
We're forever etched into their minds :)

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