Friday, 14 September 2012

Who said sugar and fitness doesn’t mix?

As you avid blog followers can tell, Cupcake Day is more like Cupcake Month as we invite groups to hold their sugary sweet fundraiser on any date in August. And don’t think we’ve just seen schools, preschools, university and corporate groups involved but everyone in between!
Wrapping up the month of cupcakeness, CYL Dragonboat Club rewarded themselves following their weekly training session with some aptly branded cupcakes to fundraise for RSPCA NSW. From one non-profit organisation to another, it’s great to see so many individuals from different walks of life passionate about one thing – improving animal welfare!
Thanks to Jen and Rita for ensuring all cupcakes were baked using free range eggs – an aspect of Cupcake Day which is just as important as the funds raised.

CYL..."cupcakes you love?"

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