Tuesday 30 October 2012

Good things come in small packages

This saying rings so true for one little individual by the name of Mary Alexander.
Long time blog followers may recall RSPCA NSW Education Team’s encounter with Miss Mary last year when she decided, at the ripe old age of 6, to ask for donations to RSPCA NSW instead of presents for her birthday. It was an amazing request by a young individual who just knew that animals needed her help.
Well hold onto your hats bloggers because if you thought that was astounding, Mary has outdone herself this year! She again passed up the opportunity to receive gifts of things and this time invited all of the Year 1 children from her school to a party of enormous proportions! With this came that all too familiar request of gifts in the form of a donation to RSPCA NSW and generously give they did!
Mary raised a whopping $1065!
Education Officer, Eva, couldn’t believe it last year when she heard of Marys’ amazing feat, so you can imagine that she was completely beside herself and totally impressed with Marys’ efforts this time around. Not to say it doesn’t take two wonderful parents to support Miss Mary endeavours but as Gaelene, her mother, reminds us time and time again, the idea was all Marys without a hint of parental influence!
To show Mary how her funds help RSPCA NSW assist the 45,000 animals that come through their doors, Eva along with Jodie, RSPCA Tuggerah Care Centre Manager, took Mary and her family on a tour of our newest adoption facility.
RSPCA NSW and all the animals can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for your birthday next year Mary!

Jodie, Eva and Mary with one of
the lovely canines awaiting adoption!
We heart you too!

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