Monday, 15 October 2012

Rising to the occasion: Part 2

RSPCA NSW deal with some shocking and upsetting stuff everyday so it’s a wonderful when something brings a smile to their faces and smile they did upon receiving a special something!
Remember that amazing Year 3/4 class from Rosehill Public School? Well not only did they delve into the world of animal welfare but they took it a step further and decided to help the animals who temporarily call RSPCA home.
Two students were inspirated to do some fundraising and created their very own magazine to sell and collected all the proceeds. Along with a disco the Year 3/4 class organised, they had an excellent ‘kitty’ built up, so what did they do with it? Go on a crazy spending spree buying all sorts of treats and toys for the Shelter animals! See some pics below of our Shelter dogs absolutely LOVING their new toys!
 And the generousity didn’t stop there, do you recall those colourful things from the photo? Well each student class took the time to create a ‘thank you’ card for all the staff at RSPCA. The message inside told us of the students’ belief about animals and a thank you message for all the hardworking people at RSPCA.

So who exactly received these wonderful creations? Keep your eyes peeled as we explore RSPCA NSW from the inside and thank as many people as possible with the lovely 'thank you' cards!
Thanks Rosehill Public for making our day J

Gimme, gimme toys!
Fetch Bella!

Good sit Banjo!
Fun times ahead Jack!

Bring it back Dolly!

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