Tuesday 16 October 2012

You smile, so I smile

A core message of the RSPCA NSW ‘Dog Safety’ Program involves getting participants to realise that many of the emotions we feel as humans are simlar for our animal friends, though expressed in vastly different ways.
It was great to see children at Northmead Early Education Centre being supported to come to this realisation during a recent visit by Education Officer, Eva. As part of the program, children were introduced to the world of dog body language and how an understanding of these concepts will help to keep them safe when interacting with our canine companions.
The children and staff had come to a different realisation previously: that the animals at RSPCA NSW needed their help! So the Centre held their very own Cupcake Day fundraiser prior to organising the Education visit.
Thank you to the staff and children at Northmead Early Education Centre for now being able to stay safe around dogs and helping those animals at RSPCA NSW.
If you or a group you know would like to be part of the ‘Dog Safety’ revolution, please contact the RSPCA NSW Education Team on 9782 4460 or education@rspcansw.org.au



Supportive :)

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  1. My daughter pictured in photo learnt so much that day as was able to tell me recently when i just walked up to greet a dog walking with owner that I 'had to ask the owner if it was okay to pat the dog' I was very impressed!! What a great way to educate the kids...I hope more centres take up the opportunity to have the RSPCA visit them!