Monday, 29 October 2012

Thank You #1...Inspectors!

As RSPCA NSW Educators, we know that the smaller the groups, the more chance we have of engaging in good discussion and maintaining a high level of interaction but imagine a ratio of of 1:226,213. That's the number people in New South Wales to each RSPCA NSW Inspector, with the potential for thousands of cruelty complaints, where each one may require hours, days, weeks of investigation.
Overwhelming isn’t is? Faced with dealing with some of the most severe acts of animal cruelty, RSPCA NSW Inspectors are a resilient bunch. As the main animal law enforcement body in the State, the pressure is definitely on our small team of 32 Inspectors but with the lows come some amazing highs when they come to the aid of an animal in need. And unlike Superman with his keen awareness of damsel in distress, RSPCA NSW relies on the community to keep an eye out and make a report when they think there’s an animal in trouble.
With over 15,000 cruelty complaints made in the last year, it’s amazing to see that many of these are resolved with a conversation and some education around animal welfare and the proper care of our creatures great and small.
So we take the time to say thank you to our heroes: RSPCA NSW Inspectors, members of the community and all you responsible pet owners whose animals will never know what it means to be unwanted, neglected or abused.
Rose Hill Public ‘Thank You’ cards went out to some of our Regional Inspectors and Natalie, one of our Metropolitan Inspectors!
Keep up the awesome work Nat!

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