Wednesday 17 October 2012!

Everyday the RSPCA NSW Education Team have a mission: ensure that learning is happening all over the State! So where better to stage a learning event than in a library!
During the School Holidays, Education Officer, Eva and her trusty sidekick, Rusty, took a day out of their hectic schedule to visit Strathfield Library and present their Dog Safety Program. This is quickly becoming a series of talks following a successful ‘Responsible Pet Ownership’ Program during a previous visit to the library.
Participants ranged from curious Kindy’s and hooked high schoolers to conscious caregivers and amused adults. The audience were enthralled with all the new knowledge despite many non-pet owners as the information will come in handy should they be faced with canines in public, a very likely siutation.
Following the talk, Rusty went browsing for some light reading, forgetting that he left his library card at the office!
Hmm, where's the 'RSPCA Tales?!'

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