Friday 2 November 2012

Spring has sprung!

The RSPCA NSW Education Team sowed the seeds for animal welfare in the most recent graduates of the School Holiday Program and blossom they did!
With a whopping 48 participants, the Education Team were so proud to see their eager little seedlings absorb all the knowledge and experience from the day and leave as inspired sprouts.
The kids and youths often turn up assuming they’ll spend the day playing with cute puppies and kittens but the world of animal welfare goes way beyond this! Partcipants were faced with the harsh realities of caring for animals in the largest animal shelter in the Southern Hemisphere – that’s right, alot of canines and felines who needed their attention. So we...
...bathed, groomed, trained and fed our way through heaps of lucky animals
...delved into the realm of animal cruelty investigations
...scrubbed our hands until there wasn’t a germ in sight
...positively rewarded smart canines for awesome behaviour
And ensured that we made an animals life that much better – whether it was the Shelter animals, our pets at home or the unseen chickens and pigs on farms far, far away!
School Holiday Program, we shall meet again in the summer!

Way too many in here!

Ready for surgery!

Good sit!

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