Friday 16 November 2012

Thank You #3...Vet Nurses!

Who is Batman without Robin?
How can there be Mickey Mouse and no Minnie Mouse?
Where would Superman be without, err...Lois Lane?
Well you get the picture! Right beside every awesome hero is the sidekick that makes sure they continue to be awesome! And this is no different at the RSPCA Veterinary Hospitals where the Vet Nurses play an integral role in the many animal success stories every day, alongside Veterinarians.
While the Veterinarians sometimes get all the glory, the Vet Nurses are the ones who ensure each patient receives the best care during their entire stay in hospital, may they have fur, feathers or scales. The Vet Nurses are happy to get down and dirty, knowing that each cute and cuddly patient says a silent thank you for all the extra care and attention.
So our next 'thank you' card goes to all the RSPCA Vet Nurses who without their tireless efforts, we wouldn't see so many healthy and happy animals in the community!

Thanks Bronwyn and Skye for always being awesome!

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