Tuesday 6 December 2011

The wait is finally over...

For the much anticipated Expo Day organised by a Year 5 class at Waitara Public School!

Today saw the culmination of many weeks worth of work for students from Ms Lee's class. They presented their work to classes from K-6 but what exactly did this entail? Small groups had chosen a global organisation to research in-depth and luckily for RSPCA NSW, Christine and Claire has chosen RSPCA as the focus for their project.

Each group not only took the chance to educate others on some amazing organisations, but they also made small gifts to exchange for donations from those who visited the Expo stands. Last Thursday gave each group a boost in morale and donations with parents dropping in to learn and donate.

What an amazing way to learn about animal welfare! As Fiona Lee, the classroom teacher, mentioned "the students didn't just research what each organisation does to help the community but found out what the underlying philosophy was". And what is ours at RSPCA NSW? It's a belief that an animal's welfare should be considered in terms of five freedoms.

Keep up the fantastic work Waitara Public School!

The calm before the storm of people...
Claire and Christine fielding enquiries about RSPCA

Congratulations to everyone - you guys did an amazing job!

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