Thursday 8 December 2011

Second time's a charm!

Although a first visit by RSPCA NSW Education Team is a great opportunity, there's just something wonderful about being able to visit a group again and Education Officers, Steph and Eva, came to this conclusion whilst visiting Concord West Public School for the second year in a row.

As students grow older, we like to help them become wiser, with the knowledge in animal welfare constantly changing. The hot topic around this time of year as Christmas is a time of giving, is what RSPCA NSW warns against - giving pets as gifts! Such a long-term commitment cannot be entered into lightly and the prospective owner needs to consider what their responsibilities will be. Having said that, if the decision has been made to adopt a puppy then RSPCA NSW encourages people to adopt from an animal shelter or finding a reputable breeder that is willing to do three things:

1. Show you the mother of the litter
2. Show you the father of the litter
3. Show you where the litter was born

Considering these two options for getting your puppy will help you to avoid puppy factories.

Students at Concord West Public School were big believers in our campaign and set out to convince others in the community to do the same! Keep an eye out for some of their handy work here soon...

Adopting from an RSPCA Shelter is
so rewarding!

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