Wednesday 7 December 2011

Clean as Kandi

Getting down and dirty is a prerequisite when helping out the animals at the RSPCA Sydney Shelter and students from the Youth Off The Streets Chapel School are no strangers to helping out!

Last Friday had students from the School make their fortnightly visit, this time prepared to give some Shelter dogs a much needed bath! Unaware to many people, but the RSPCA Sydney Shelter is the largest animal shelter in the Southern Hemisphere so even with our large team of staff, it can often be difficult to keep on top on bathing! Here's where a pair (or several pairs in this instance) of helping hands can be just what the dogs need!

With the unpredictability of the weather and the resulting rain creating muddy fun for our dogs, baths are needed on a hourly basis. As a responsible pet owner though, monthly baths would suffice as washing too frequently can result in the 'healthy oils' being stripped from your dogs coat.

Kandi is super grateful for the special attention!
Thanks Brandon and Aaron!

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