Friday 16 December 2011

Save the fun for 'Save the Children'!

The RSPCA NSW Education Team has already hit the Inner City Save the Children Christmas Party this week and what a success it was! But more fun was had on Wednesday in Villawood at the Inner West get together.

Community Education Manager, Claire, and Education Officer, Eva, brought animal-themed Christmas cheer to the parents and kids in the way of hand-drawn animal Christmas cards and posters for the kids to go colour crazy! Max, the Education mascot, was again the star attraction and everyone that approached him learned the best way to meet a dog for the first time.

Not to be outshined by Max, cute critters from the Taronga Zoo Mobile Bus were on hand to educate the crowd on the secret lives of some of our native wildlife. Claire practically fell in love with Duke the Tortoise (see their candid shot below).

RSPCA NSW Education Team has visited the playgroups run by Save the Children Mobile Playbus throughout the year and brought responsible pet care and dog safety to the young'uns through interactive activities and playtime props, so this was a great chance to celebrate the upcoming festive season and remind everyone to give their pets some extra love and care!

Claire couldn't be any happier to be with Duke!

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