Tuesday 6 December 2011

And back to you at Channel 93...

Many people are aware of RSPCA's Animal Rescue series on television but watch out for a possible new show by Channel 93, currently in the stages of editing at Mater Dei Primary School. This documentary style program was thought up by Izabella Momi of Year 4 during her community group project.

Last Wednesday saw Education Officer, Eva, make her debut appearance in a filming project, visiting the School to conduct an interview about RSPCA NSW in front of a curious Year 4 audience.

Izabella did her research and posed some good questions to Eva, all of which illicited important information about RSPCA NSW. One such question was: "What are the needs of our local community?" Of course the RSPCA NSW Education Team believes there is a lack of education in relation to responsible pet ownership, humane food and various other animal welfare issues. If the community were better informed on such issues then we believe everyone could make better decisions when it comes to pet ownership in the community.

Thank you Izabella for being passionate about RSPCA NSW, Tony and Debra, the super-supportive parents and Kathryn Behn, the classroom teacher who gave us the whole afternoon for this fantastic opportunity!

The 'production' team :)

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  1. Congratulations Bella. Responsible Pet ownership is very important, there are so many unwanted pets in this world who need a loving home. Good Job ! Lots of love Aunty Kel, Uncle Sukha and Priyale xx