Tuesday 20 December 2011

Curious in Campsie

The RSPCA NSW Education Team is just brimming with knowledge about almost every animal welfare issue you can imagine, so when Education Officer, Eva, met with a group of very curious kids in Campsie today, you can guess that it was a match made in heaven!

A discussion of dog safety brought up many stories from the kids when they encountered unknown dogs and they were glad to know what their plan of action is for next time it happens.

When the topic moved onto responsible pet ownership, the knowledge about identification for our cats and dogs were certainly lacking but after a demonstration of where a microchip is located amongst various other information, the kids were adamant they would find out whether their own pets were equipped with the correct identification!

If you think you know that you don't know something, then book the RSPCA NSW Education Team in to fill in the gaps! Contact us on 9782 4460 or education@rspcansw.org.au

If  I'm lost, will you know how to find me?
Kids in Campsie do!

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