Tuesday 3 July 2012

Safety Explorers

Watch out incidents of dog bites, you're going DOWN!

If the RSPCA NSW Education Team has there way, we'll start to see a world where everyone can correctly read a dogs' body language and know how to best approach our canine companions.

Education Officer, Eva, was on this mission last Wednesday with her trusty sidekick, Rusty (Bullet's twin) and has this to say: "Watch and learn residents of Blacktown as children from Little Explorers Early Learning Centre go about their daily lives. They'll be using their new found knowledge and ensuring their safety around dogs."

And don't think it's just lil kiddies who make the mistake of patting a dog on its head or disturbing its sleep, anyone can fall victim to the "you're cute, I want a piece of you" Syndrome. Never fear, the cure is here! Book in the RSPCA NSW Education Team to deliver their dog safety program and you'll really be a dogs' best friend!

Rusty chillaxing after another successful mission...
...he even got a lil sticker for he's outstanding effort!

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