Wednesday 25 July 2012

I'll say it! No, I'll say it!

Education Officers, Zoe and Eva, couldn't help but fall over each other with excitement when Sydney Cove Children's Centre had invited the Team to speak to not just one large group but two smaller groups of children! It's always a great opportunity when groups are split which gives all the participants (may they be 3, 33 or 83) more of a chance to interact and engage in a deeper level of discussion.

The topic of the day was 'Dog Safety'and boy did the kids have their say! From personal experiences with their own canine friends to attempts at figuring out why it is that we do certain things, Zoe and Eva were overwhelmed with the level of comprehension and passion for animals from the kids.

And who ended up speaking you may be wondering? Why both Education Officers ofcourse!

Interesting point you have there...
Ahh, to feel happy!

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