Thursday 19 July 2012

I want to be with animals 24/7!

This was definitely the vibe from high school students at the Annual University of Western Sydmey Careers Expo on Tuesday.

Education Officers, Steph and Eva and Community Education Manager, Claire were happily surprised when numerous students approached them, adamant that their future career path was to be with animals and looking for ways to help them in the mean time.

Students from Year 10 to Year 12 visited the Expo to research and learn more on what awaits them in the world after the comfort of schooling. RSPCA NSW Education Team wasn't sugar-coating anything and during one of two talks delivered, Claire reminded students that working with animals can sometimes be glorified and appear all cute and cuddly from the outside but with RSPCA's mission to "prevent cruelty", sometimes things can be quite confronting and shocking.

For those students who wanted to know even more about the workings of RSPCA NSW, Eva directed them to join the Team during the next school holidays for the 'Spring School Holiday Program' and spend a day at the RSPCA Shelter, experiencing firsthand how we fight animal cruelty.

Claire and Eva were on the right career path!

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