Monday 23 July 2012

Did you see something furry on the bus?

No, it wasn't someone having a bad hair day, it was RSPCA NSW Education's very own mascot, Max, the plush toy dog Collie! I guess you avid blog followers wouldn't be surprised to see that the RSPCA NSW Education Team and Max will go wherever it takes to educate!

Most recently, Max found himself beating peak hour traffic into the City with a pleasant ride on the bus with Education Officer, Zoe. There were many surprised individuals who couldn't help but smile at the unexpected bus passenger and Max managed to remain seated the entire journey - what a good dog!

Think you've seen Max in an unexpected location, please let the Team know! We're forever reminding Max to let us know when he takes himself off for an excursion :)

Max couldn't decide which side
provided the better view!

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