Thursday, 5 April 2012

There's more to Mortdale

You'll always find Education Officer, Eva, in high spirits before any visit, any opportunity to chat about the world of animal welfare just makes her day! But what she didn't expect was the awesomeness that was Mortdale Public School.

The School invited the Education Team and gave them the entire day to schedule in talks with each class. Each class then chose a topic they felt was more relevant and interesting to them, so with such a wide range of knowledge across the school it made for some interesting lunchtime discussion!

All the students, from Kindergarten to Year 6, were fantastic participants! Whether they were pet owners or not, everyone was completely engrossed in the issues and kept wanting more. Students went away with an appreciation of their impact at the supermarket shelves, how boring can be safe and why cooking can equal disaster for our pets. Cryptic? Well not for Mortdale students!

To top it off, the whole School was an amazing sea of blue, with students kitted out in their favourite blue outfits to raise funds for RSPCA NSW.

Thanks Mortdale Public for another amazing day, Max couldn't stop talking about it on the way home!
All the Mortdale students, big and small, were as curious
as can be!

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