Tuesday 17 April 2012

Sharing and Caring was the name, animal attending was the game!

The second round of the RSPCA NSW School Holiday Program is halfway through with two of the four themed sessions run last week.

Participants found themselves hands, knees and noses deep in the daily duties of an RSPCA Animal Attendant with our 'Share and Care' sessions. The aim was to allow participants into the lives of RSPCA animals and make them, the participants, pivotal in the responsibilities of caring for all creatures great and small.

You can never guess what animals are living at the largest animal shelter in the Southern Hemipshere so participants had to be prepared to feed, water and clean their way through an afternoon of canine, feline and even leporine tasks!

The RSPCA NSW Education Team were beaming when not one participant baulked at the task of 'pooper scooping' - it is an integral part of Shelter hygiene procedures and as one participants eloquently put it "I have to do it at home so what's another 15 animals?"

As much as the primary, secondary and youth participants enjoyed the experience, they can rest assured that the feeling was mutual with numerous animals now cleaner, fuller and fully hydrated thanks to their extra care!

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