Wednesday 18 January 2012

Lucky Lily!

Unbeknowst to many of you out there, but RSPCA NSW is currently home to 8 greyhounds - all of them waiting to be adopted by a loving family!

Now we know what you're thinking..."I don't have a large backyard to meet their high energy needs" or "they must be agressive towards people because they're always wearing a muzzle" and boy are you mistaken!

Greyhounds are known for their agility and speed on the race track and although you think they would been a super-energetic breed, they are actually built for short bursts of energy. So they have no need for a large backyard, or a backyard at all and would be happy and healthy living in apartments or smaller dwellings with a daily walk to keep them mentally stimulated. In fact, if you were to take a greyhound to the park and expect them to do laps, they would most probably do their business and stand around waiting to return home!

And that muzzle that they must legally wear in public? Is merely a preventative measure to ensure they do not harm any smaller animals such as cats or pocket pets as they love to chase small, fluffy things that move quickly! They are actually one of the most docile and affectionate breeds and would gladly lay on the lounge with you.

Which brings us to lucky Lily!

A few months back, the Education Team went along to a community event in Paddington and crossed paths with Denis, who lived in an apartment and was interested in finding the perfect pet. Fast forward to January 2012 and Denis, along with his partner Wil, were ready to adopt an animal and made their way to the RSPCA Sydney Shelter to search for their new family member.

It was love at first sight - Denis and Wil had done their research about the greyhound breed and Lily was ready to go to her forever home!

The Education Team wishes Denis, Wil and Lily the best for the future!

Responsible pet owners + greyhound
+ apartment = match made in heaven!

Lily in her new home - perfect colour for her!

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