Wednesday 25 January 2012

The Art of Responsible Pet Ownership

Last week, Education Officer Steph visited Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre to deliver a workshop on RSPCA. As part of the Casula Powerhouse School Holiday program, children and parents were invited to participate in learning about RSPCA, taking care of animals and what they can do in their own community to help animals in need. 

The session kick started with a mini quiz on RSPCA; who we are and what we do. It was fantastic to see that everyone knew what the letters in RSPCA stood for and that we care for animals. After some interaction with our plush dog Max and learning about providing dogs with their basic needs, the children were confident in their role as responsible pet owners. There was even time for a demonstration on dog safety!

If you would like a visit from one of the RSPCA Education Officers at your school holiday program, please contact us at
Will we see you next school holidays?

Part of being a responsible pet owner means giving your dog a bath!
But do you know how often?

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