Friday 25 January 2013

Thank you #5...Call Centre!

We can all recall how Supermans' superhuman hearing has aided him in finding damsels in distress, well RSPCA NSW have their own super powers in finding animals in distress!
They’re called the ‘Call Centre’ and they are often the one connection between RSPCA NSW and an animal in need. Operating the phones with just a few staff members, the Call Centre staff are constantly fielding calls from sometimes very concerned and distressed members of the public and must then use their powers for good and find the RSPCA NSW team member who can help the animal in question.
Keeping it cool, calm and collected is their way, doing it for the animals is their game!
So next time you give RSPCA NSW a call, pass on a ‘thank you’, as we did, for the person at the other end, for they are listening to hundreds of calls for help from animals across the State everyday!
Thanks Anna for taking those tough calls!

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