Monday 14 January 2013

Animal fun in the sun!

With the new year well and truly underway, the brand new January saw RSPCA NSW Education Team usher in their Summer School Holiday Program.
Week one down and the exploration into the world of animal welfare has been thouroughly thought provoking, sparking many conversations between RSPCA NSW Education Team members and their new bunch of Program participants.
Summer is one of the RSPCA’s busiest periods, where no place in RSPCA NSW is immune to it’s effects, least of all the Sydney RSPCA Veterinary Hospital who see their fair share of neglected, injured and sick animals on a daily basis. It was a good opportunity for participants to get an insight into what a career in Veterinary Science would be like and some of the challenges they would face when not all the animals they see would be their normal happy selves.
RSPCA NSW Training Manager and Veterinarian, Narelle Maxwell, left no secrets uncovered or knowledge unmentioned during the Program as she helped the participants journey through various aspects of animal health and behaviour.
If you would like to be a part of the fun, too late! For the Summer Program that is but not for future School Holiday Programs! If you would like to be on our waiting list and find at when our next School Holiday Program opens, email us at

Hmm, is it clean in there?

CPR stat! He looks stuffed! :)

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