Wednesday 8 August 2012

R, U, S, T, Y and Rusty was his name, oh!

What a great way to end another school visit!

Education Officer, Eva, was honoured to have a song sung about her bestest toy dog friend 'Rusty' this morning, following another insightful 'Dog Safety' talk at a School in North Sydney.

The students were quick to pick up on what was the safest way to interact with our canine companions and with the guidance of their super-supportive teachers, couldn't be tricked when Eva asked them a few random questions.

The students were already fans of RSPCA as evidenced by their ownership of the complete collection of RSPCA Tales - the picture books! They expressed their outrage following a recent reading of 'Rose gets respect', exclaiming that they would never do anything like that!

Smart students, terrific teachers, RSPCA readings and a catchy chorus - what more could we ask for!

And how did the song go you ask? Like this ofcourse...

"There was a woman who had a dog and Rusty was his name oh!"
"And Rusty was his name oh!"
"I like the sound of that!"

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