Thursday, 16 August 2012

Let the sugar high begin!

What a way to kick off the festivities for RSPCA's annual Cupcake Day!

Yesterday saw Education Officer, Eva and Events Team, Sarah and Jess, inhaling the sweet scent of sugary goodness at Artarmon Public School.

Don't be fooled into thinking small people, small impact because the 850 strong school population baked up a storm and the coinage was busily swapping hands as the kids scrambled to claim their favourite cupcake creation!

The day started with Eva enlightening the Year 3-6 students on how fundraising assists RSPCA NSW continue their work helping unwanted, abused and neglected animals and it provided even more reason to buy that extra cupcake!

The cupcake part of the Cupcake Day went by in a blur of colours, coins and...raffle tickets?! That's right, one very smart Year Sixer came up with the idea of raffling off a GIGANTIC cupcake to raise even more...imagine winning it...

Our biggest thank you to Jono and Caroline for organising one of the most amazing Cupcake Day events seen by the Team and ofcourse to each and every Artarmon Public student for supporting RSPCA NSW.
That's enough words for now, treat your eyes to a feast of awesomeness below!

Sarah and Jess ready and raring to go!

Who's been walking all over these?!

'R' is for "ribbet?"

'R' is for ROAR!
So cute, which one do I eat...!?
Caroline can't help but laugh at how enthusiastic the
staff got, hehe

The sweet taste of success, good work Jono!

The star attraction!

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